A Wide Range of Services to meet all your Health Needs.

At McBain Family Pharmacy it is our goal to provide you with a full service pharmacy that offers superior customer service and quality products with an old fashioned style. We are dedicated to providing a wide range of products and services to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

medication services at McBain Family Pharmacy in McBain Michigan home delivery, vaccinations, medication sync, flu shots

Home Delivery
Medication Adherence
Compounding Services
Durable Medical Equipment
Flu Shots & Immunizations
Medication Synchronization
Medication Therapy Management Services
Mail delivery
Long Term Care Services
Private Consultation
Travel Vaccinations
Disease State Education Programs
McBain Pharmacy has Cards, Gifts, and Personal Items

School/Office Supplies
Infant Care
Hair Care
Shower and Bath items
Greeting Cards
sharp medical supplies container
Sharp Container Drop Off

Let us help you dispose of your sharp medical supplies! Storing used "sharps" (needles, syringes, etc.) in a proper, child-safe container is crucial for your family's safety. That container needs to be disposed of responsibly so that those who collect and treat our garbage can be safe too. We can help you get an appropriate container and dispose your sharp medical supplies.

Per container disposal fee:
  • $6.95 for containers 5.4 quarts or smaller
  • $8.95 for larger containers.

Please consider the safety of your family and community and dispose of your sharps responsibly!
Healthy Kids Free Vitamin Program Get Free vitamins for the children in your family today Good Neighbor Pharmacy
Free Vitamin Program for Kids

This program offers each child in your family, ages 2-12, a FREE 30-day supply of Good Neighbor Pharmacy Children's Chewable Complete Multi-Vitamins each month. 

Click the link below for the enrollment form. Fill out the form and bring it in to McBain Family Pharmacy to receive your punch card and first month's supply! 

Print Kids Free Vitamin Program Enrollment Form →